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About Studio dKb


When David retired early, he went through a few iterations of creating what  hoped would be his creative life. Our first studio was at the East Side Village Lofts in Long Beach, CA. It was an amazing space that used to be an old auto repair shop.  We later moved to the Palace Lofts when a vacancy opened up. The light was amazing and the ceilings were over 20 feet. The place was converted from a depression era roller rink. We made the move to SF in 2006. However, getting our studio back up was delayed when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. But David stayed by my side, helped me recover and now almost 10 years later, we are finally relaunching our new creative endeavor, Studio dKb. 


Studio dKb evolved from our core values of supporting and being an active part of the San Francisco artist community.  Our goal is to support emerging artists from the bay area by providing low cost photographic services and design. Past artists include, writers, musicians, bands, actors, performers, dancers and models. So no matter what your artistic ambition, we are here to give you a hand. Just send us an email  http://www.davidkbruner.com/contact.html. E-mail David @ deadlycamera@gmail.com .


If you are not an artist, you can still participate in a shoot, our creative projects involve all types of people of all ages. 


We are always looking for benefactors to help us help other artists. You can become a supporter of Studio dKb  in many ways.   You could purchase art on our website or make a contribution and receive a complementary photo shoot. You can join our mailing list and allow us to keep you posted on upcoming exhibits or events.

Thanks for your interest in our work at Studio dKb 

D M Daniel