David K Bruner, I have always loved doing PORTRAITS & HEADSHOTS and i like working with people. A portrait i found at a young age, is a very intimate thing. Watching the light meet the shadow and then merge with the person or persons. Their personality, their eyes. I am very particular about lighting. I seemed to get especially good at portraits (lighting & everything) around 1982 using mostly natural light. I had already started taking photos of people for my first photography class. Before that, i was a painter. My mother found a local artist to tutor me in painting with oil & acrylics on canvas. I did that for about 3 years ages 12 to 14 years. Then i became a little wearied and started painting things that seemed to be a little "wild" i guess or in other words abstract. Not having a lot of money i had to take my education where i could get it. So at the age of about 15 my Mother enrolled me in a photography class. I think it was in conjunction with a school. That is where i actually learned basic darkroom photography for the first time. I then started doing portraits of my sister Susan and SharonJim Church who lived in the neighborhood. To this day i love doing portraits that are creative and personalized to each individual's unique personality. While working in Chicago, under the guidance of Kristie i quickly learned the art of designing & photographing books and portfolios for actors, models, and other performers. I later excelled at designing online portfolios "digital portfolios" promotional designs for musicians and different types of internet photography. Now, when possible i will shoot both black + white and color. I still favor b+w photography! I started photographing people in general at a very young age using an Instamatic Hawkeye camera and a Super 8 movie camera to create my own sci-fi movie productions in my hometown. I will always be a small-town boy at heart. People are my favorite subjects. At one point while in San Francisco, i met author Mark Abramson. I was on the Divisadero Bus headed towards Market & Castro streets. I had just come from an appointment with the ENT. There he was...looking over at me. He made me feel rather special just to be on the bus on that cool sunny day. I knew there was something really interesting about him and i wanted to know or photograph him. Turns out he's a writer and a great storyteller. I ended up doing his author photos on about 5 of his books and one cover photo. The time i spent with him in the studio was exuberant! In Indianapolis, under the supervision of Matt Sommers, i produced photographs for billboards for the Shane Co. I received a few grants to continue my photographic work. ArtSpan, VisualAids, and One grant from Art Matters in NY gave me more than a check, they were & still are very helpful to photographic artists living with emotional and other life challenges. I have a degree in commercial art and won two Addy awards for photography & design while in advertising. Before moving back to San Francisco, I lived in Long Beach and Orange County California, and of course Indianapolis & Chicago. I've always liked to ask people how they see their photos so i can style them & their entire image in a way that best suits them. Men, women, and otherwise. I always keep an eye out for interesting people to shoot, diverse, everyday people - people with unique and original tattoos, body shapes, and androgynous looks. I am greatly influenced by Hitchcock, Si-Fi movies, and music. I have incorporated my photography, computer skills, and graphic arts background and channeled it into other areas. Logo designs, original t-shirt designs & WALL ART for your HOME or OFFICE.
For modeling, opportunities send a snapshot to, [email protected].
I am not Inc. or a company. I am an artist! I have always been a creative photographer, graphic design artist & production artist. I was born that way. What i do is usually one-on-one and can sometimes be a little lonely. I love to work with other freelancers such as stylists, printers & models. 

Please contact me with any questions at [email protected]