David K Bruner Photographer / Artist | Hello I'm David

2016 face shotMisc. photos "David" 2015about 19882018David & Dieterw/ Grace © 1982 by Curt Mortis© 1982 by Curt Mortis© 1982 by Curt Mortis2016 david k bruner face shothair ad photo 1986hair photo 1986October 1985Oct 1985 w/ GraceOct 1985 with GraceOct 1985 w/ Grace1978 San Francisco                            by Curt MortisBack to the Bleach 1978 iN San Francisco w/ peroxided hairPolk St. © 1979 by Curt MortisPolk St. © 1979 by Curt Mortis2005 All You Kneed restaurant Haight St. Haight/Ashbury